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Waikato-Tainui offers a range of support through educational grants, subsidies and scholarships.

Youthline counselling services

Youth-line is a  24/7 national free helpline for young people and adults 12-24yrs old. They also offer free counselling services in Auckland.



Why is Registration to Taniwha marae necessary?

  1. It identifies you as a member of Waikato-Tainui enabling members 18yrs or older to vote on tribal matters

  2. Each marae receives a grant depending on the number of registered whānau members

  3. It allows you access to a range of grants and opportunities 

  4. Stay up-to-date and informed about tribal matters

Who should enrol?

Any person who can whakapapa to Taniwha Marae

How do I register? 

For those wanting to register as beneficiaries of Taniwha Marae, please see the four ways below:

  1. Register online by clicking this link 

  2. Ring Waikato-Tainui on 0800 TAINUI / 0800 824684, follow the voice command and register yourself and / or other members of your whānau

  3. Go into Waikato-Tainui office: 4 Bryce Street Hamilton to register​

Once I have enrolled, do I need to do anything else?

  1. You should keep your tribal records updated by either logging in or contacting 0800 TAINUI / 0800 824684

  2. You should enrol new members in your whānau.

  3. You should notify Waikato-Tainui or Marae Secretary when there is a death in the whānau so Waikato-Tainui can update their records

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